Monday, 21 March 2011

Sugarfoot Stomp Kings and Queens Ball. April 8th, Hare and Hounds, Birmingham.

Join us for a right rollicking ball, the most exciting royal event of the year- I think something else of a similar vein may be happening at the end of April but it slips my mind.

You'll lose your head at our next fun-fuelled frenzy. This time we invite you to come as your favourite king or queen throughout history and if your outfit impresses us then you're in for a prize...
Be imaginative, even if you come as the Lion King you'll be in the running!

We are truly excited to welcome some live medieval music of kings courtesy of Sir Loin and his Courtly Gesture.

All the best vintage songs will carry you along up until and beyond midnight. Kick-off is 8.30 pm and all for £2!

The Sugarfoot ladies,


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